SRC Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

You can start a request using this website!  Simply put items in your cart and fill out all the required information (no credit card required).  However, online requests are NOT reservations. We will check to see if the items you requested online are available for your date and get back to you. Please be sure to contact us if you have not received a confirmation email with correct order or updated order. The website is the quickest way to start an order during the busy season (May – Oct). 

What is considered a one day charge for rental items?

Rental items can be picked up the day before your event for no extra cost and returned the day after the event for a one day charge. If delivery service is requested, ideally we like to deliver the day before the event and we pick up the day after the event during normal business hours.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

The best answer is as far in advance as possible. We have large quantities of rental equipment items but there are times during the year that we sell out of certain items, and because of this it is always easier to reduce your order than add on.We will make every effort to provide the items requested at the time of the order. In some cases, we will need to make alternative suggestions when inventory is not available.

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes, all final changes can be made seven days prior to your date of pickup or delivery. We will make every effort to accommodate any last-minute additions or changes, based on availability.

What is your cancellation policy?

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve inventory for your event and the balance of the contract is due three (3) days before installation/will call/delivery.  No part of the 50% Deposit is ever refundable.

A credit card number is required to create a reservation and hold any order unless Customer has established a charge account.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation. The balance is due three (3) days prior to the delivery or will call date.  A 50% cancellation charge will apply to any rental items cancelled less than ten (10) days before delivery or pickup.  A 100% cancellation charge will apply to items cancelled less than three (3) days before delivery or pickup.  No credit will be issued for mutually agreed upon customer items or event-driven purchases; these items are subject to payment in full at time of reservation for all clients and are non-refundable.  No credit will be given for unused items.  Unless the order has been confirmed and reserved, all prices and availability are subject to change.

What is your delivery procedure?

Our standard delivery and pickup is Monday – Friday (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays) between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. For Saturday and Sunday 9:00am and 3:00pm. Delivery charges are based on a combination of distance and total cost of the rentals as well as the time specific window for our arrival or pickup. Call for delivery quotes.

If you require delivery within a specific time frame, an additional “timed delivery” fee will apply. Our delivery service consists of delivering your rental equipment to a nearby ground level site, outside the rear of our truck. Our personnel will neatly stack ALL ITEMS IN ONE CONVENIENT, SECURE LOCATION. Any deliveries involving stairs, elevators, or pathways with large obstacles that could prevent easy access to the drop-off locations, or excessive distances from our truck will be billed at the rate of $75.00 an hour per man, at the discretion of the delivery driver. Deliveries with excessive distances can be arranged, but need to be scheduled in advance – not at the time of delivery. Remember, responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from the time of delivery to the time of return. Please be sure equipment is secure and protected from the weather when not in use. Prior to pick-up, all china, glassware and food service equipment must be scraped clean of all food and drinks emptied and returned to their proper racks or containers. Tables and chairs must be stacked and assembled in the area where they were delivered, ready for pick-up. All items must be assembled in a single, secure location. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.

Do I have to be there when equipment is dropped off to the site and picked up?

We ask that somebody be on site at time of delivery to sign for the order. You do not have to be there for time of pick up as long as we can access our equipment, everything is broken down, and it the same spot as where it was dropped off.

Can we get a delivery or pick up before or after hours?

Yes. Deliveries and pickups can be scheduled outside of our regular business hours or on Wednesdays for an additional fee. We understand that some locations have specific timing requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you for your event.  The pricing for this service is based on the time, location and size of your order.

Will you set up my items?

We do not offer set up and tear-down of rental equipment at this time. Our delivery service consists of delivering your rental equipment to a nearby ground level site, outside the rear of our truck. We ask that you have everything broken down in a similar fashion and in the same area we dropped the equipment off at scheduled pick time.

What happens if any of the rental equipment is missing upon return?

We count all rental items on site or when they are returned to our warehouse. We charge replacement cost for any missing items upon completion of check-in. If any items are later found and returned, we will gladly issue a refund.

Do my rental items need to be returned clean?

We just ask that you return items in a similar condition as we gave them to you. In general, we ask only that you please return china, glasses, flatware, and cooking equipment scraped, free of food and trash. We wash all equipment in our commercial dishwashers upon return. Barbecues must be cool and empty of briquettes. We charge an additional cleaning fee for barbecues.

Please use care and common sense when renting our equipment. Carefully read all policies attached to your rental contract. Items returned that do not meet the following requirements will be charged a cleaning fee as explained below. The credit card on file will be charged accordingly for any damaged or missing items and necessary cleaning fees.

TABLES: Remove tape used to secure covers and decoration to tables. Do not use staples, tacks or nails on tables.

CHAIRS: Wipe off any obvious dirt, mud, grass and any foreign material.

CHINA, GLASSWARE & FLATWARE: Scrap off all food products, trash and return to the proper racks or containers provided.

ARCHES: Do not use staples, tacks or nails. Use tape, wire, pipe cleaners or string to secure decorations and remove before return.

CHAMPAGNE FOUNTAINS: Empty liquid and run warm water through the system. Use only clear liquids in the champagne fountain. DO NOT use any mix containing PULP.

PUNCH BOWLS, BEVERAGE CONTAINERS & COFFEE MAKERS: Empty liquid and coffee grounds.


Can I pick up my order?

Depending on the size of your order, we do allow customer pick up. If you are picking up your order you will need to make sure you have the proper vehicle to accommodate the rental items and straps to secure loads. We allow you to pick up rentals the day before your event and ask them to be returned the day after your event. We do set up specific times for when you can pick up and return large orders so we can have enough staff to process your order in a timely manner. There are specific items that require delivery and cannot be picked up, and your sales person will inform you of that when you call to place your reservation.

Do you provide tarps?

Please bring your own tarps and straps to secure loads. We will help load orders into vehicles but it is the customers responsibility to secure their load with proper straps before they leave rental site. We do not provide tarps for inclement weather. We do require that our equipment stays dry during entire rental period including transportation to and from our location. We also recommend having tarps for your event even if we deliver. Wine barrels, wood tables, arbors, chairs and more items must be covered in the case of rain please be prepared.

What if I’m late to bring back the rental equipment?

LATE CHARGES: Rentals are due by 12PM (Noon) on the due date –  which is written on the rental contract in the top right corner, unless prior arrangements are made. Late charges for rentals not returned on time are effective the day following the due date and are one-half the rental price for each date late.

Do you have a price list?

Currently, all of our prices are listed here on our website by navigating to the specific item at the top of our page under RENTALS

Do you rent helium tanks? 

We do not rent tanks at this time. We do offer a service of blowing up balloons whether they are ones you brought in or purchased at our store. We recommend that you schedule your balloon order in advance, that way we can have them ready at a certain time for you. It is always best for quality and flotation to have your balloons blown up the day of your event.

Do you rent table linens? 

We do not rent linens at this time.  We do have disposable plastic and paper table covers in our store at 691 Maltman Drive in Grass Valley.  If you need actual linens for your event there is one place in Nevada County that does it and they are called Nevada County Linen and Laundry – 530-265-3413

What are your showroom hours?

Monday, Thursday, Friday – 9am-5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday – CLOSED
Saturday, Sunday – 9am-3pm

Hours vary during Holidays. Please call in to Check HOLIDAY HOUR SCHEDULE