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SRC Policies

Thank  You for reading our policies page. These policies are here to keep our equipment in the best shape for each customer. They are also here so our customers think of each other when they decide to return items late as it could affect the customer after you so please be respectful to not only SRC but also to your community.

SRC Event Rentals Policies

  1. We do not refund money on unused items even if they are unopened glasses or dishes that are rented, so please make your selections carefully.
  2. There will be a late fee if your items are returned after the time that is listed on your contract. LATE CHARGES: Rentals are due by NOON on the due date which is written on your rental contract in the top right corner, unless prior arrangements are made. Late charges for rentals not returned on time are effective the day following the due date and are one-half the rental price for each date late.
  3. All orders cancelled later than 72 hours may be charged a 100% restocking fee.
  4. Two weeks before the day of your event is the last time to make reductions to your order but you can always add items last minute as long as they are available. This is important on specialty items. Please keep in mind that a month prior to your event would be the proper time to make larger reductions on your order. This way another customer can rent the items that you are holding onto.
  5. No standing, leaning or sitting on tables, chairs or other equipment at any time.
  6. Most of our metal filter coffee makers require coarse ground coffee. This is to prevent your coffee from going through the filter.
  7. Adult supervision is required around all concession equipment as well as around chairs and tables and heaters to keep the children safe. No child should be under or on top of the equipment at anytime other than sitting upon a chair.
  8. Party heaters require a minimum of a 10’ ceiling and should be regularly supervised to ensure safety.
  9. No duck tape on any equipment, no stickers, nothing sticky to create labels on equipment. Beverage jars are easily ruined by a simple sticker and you are responsible for damages. If you use stickers on our glassware you are required to remove the stickers and the sticky leftovers or the order will be subject to an extra cleaning fee.
  10. A credit card is required on file as a hold for all orders and will be charged for breakage if there is no contact made by the customer in 72 hours after the event.
  11. You are responsible for the equipment after it leaves SRC’s possession. You break it you buy it, this also goes for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment.
  12. SRC requires a 50% deposit on all orders. This is a non refundable restocking fee. If you are picking up your rental order, it must be paid in full at the time of pick up at the latest. Rental fees for orders to be delivered are due 48 hours before delivery, unless prior arrangements are made.
  13. A current drivers license, physical address, mailing address, phone number and credit card, are all required to make a reservation and can be provided at anytime before the event.
  14. All customers must sign a contract prior to your event. Please come in to the store to sign the contract if you cant be there the day of delivery. Also have someone that is comfortable signing the contract that is picking the equipment up because they will be responsible for the items.
  15. All will call orders should be prepared to pick the equipment up. There is a chance that not all of the equipment will fit in your vehicle so please leave enough time to make multiple trips incase there is not enough space in the vehicle you brought. All will call orders are required to bring a tarp in the case of rain on the ride there and on the returning day of the equipment the tables and all equipment must be covered by a tarp. Our employees will load the order but can not strap your equipment down.
  16. Will call orders are also required to bring straps. You are responsible for the equipment and the safety of those around you while driving once you leave SRC. You need to bring a strap and someone who knows how to strap the equipment properly.
  17. Please come with a clean and empty vehicle. We will not place our equipment in the back of a truck full of oil, dirt, mulch, etc. This is the same for the return of the equipment. There will be an extra fee for cleaning if the equipment is returned excessively dirty and not in the same condition it was given. Also bringing an empty car is very important so that we can fit the equipment in the car safely and so that you don’t have to make multiple trips.
  18. All contract must be paid in advance unless prior arrangements have been made. There must be someone present to sign the contract. If the contract is not signed either before or at time of drop off the staff will not leave the equipment on site.
  19. If rental equipment is not broken down at time of pick-up, a breakdown fee will be charged to the order.
  20. There will be an extra cleaning charge for any glasses with handwriting left on the glass at time of return
  21. None of our glassware can be used to hold food this includes desserts. All glasses with food in them must be washed prior to returning the glasses. There will be an extra fee if the glasses are returned unwashed with food in them.


  1. All customers must have receipt to return any merchandise.
  2. All sales are final on our plastic glasses & plastic plates.
  3. No returns on any opened, dirty, damaged or otherwise tampered with merchandise. Merchandise must be returned in the same condition as when it was purchased.
  4. We can refuse return on any item.
  5. All returns must be back within two weeks of receipt date.
  6. All sales final on food and sale items.
  7. Balloon orders need to be pre-paid ahead of pick up.