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Margarita Machine – Concessions


Margarita Machine

Enjoy cold and slushy Margaritas at your next ‘fiesta’.  Two Margaritas tanks for alcoholic and non-alcoholic, if you prefer.

Capacity: 48 – 8oz servings per tank. There are two tanks.

*Margarita mix and alcohol purchased separately

Rental is per day.

Margarita Machine

Enjoy slushy-style Margaritas at your next ‘fiesta’!

Capacity: 48 – 8oz servings per tank. There are two tanks.

Rental is per day.

Margarita mix and alcohol is not included.

Margarita Machine Instructions:

***Must be on a dedicated 20 amp circuit and only be transported in upright position***

  • Each tank holds 3 gallons of mix which is about 48 – 8oz servings per tank
  • Allow 1hr-1hr 30min prep time for a batch to be ready to serve. This timing can be delayed when used outside when it is hot out. ***Do not run machine in direct sunlight***
  • Add 1.5 gallons of chilled water and 1.5 gallons of mix and alcohol mixed as per instructions on your mix bottle. ***Do not add more alcohol as alcohol does not freeze, additional alcohol can be added after your mix freezes***
  • You can just use a non-alcohol mix with water to make slushies. Do not run machine with water only!
  • Once you have filled the machine with the mix, turn on main power switch.
  • Turn on auger switches
  • Turn on freeze switch (there will be a delay initially for a few minutes)
  • When your mix is the correct consistency you will need to alternate between freeze and refrigeration mode. **Do not let the solution freeze solid on the auger, this will cause damage to the machine**
  • When you are done using the machine, drain leftovers out of tanks.

***Do not clean the machine, we clean and test the machine after every rental***




REQUESTING YOUR RENTAL ITEMS and providing a date you would like those items will allow us to check our inventory and create an order for you. Your order is not guaranteed until we have confirmed your order. Thank you.


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