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Chocolate Fountain – Concessions


Chocolate Fountain

Requires special chocolate fondue – 4 bags are included with rental. 4 bags of chocolate will serve approximately 50-70 guests. Additional chocolate fondue available at the showroom.

Not for outdoor use.

Scroll Down for Instructions and How-to video!

Rental is per day.

Chocolate Fountain

13 pounds of chocolate included with rental.

Rental is per day.

Chocolate Fountain Instructions: Also, see how-to video below.

Before turning on fountain, place unit on a level surface, close to an outlet. Once the machine is hot and running you do not want to move it, it will be hot and you can burn yourself.

Prep time: 30min- 1hour.

Step 1: Preheat Fountain

Preheat the fountain to 150-170 degrees. You can do this by turning on the heat switch and turning the thermostat until the arrow is aligned with the set temperature. It will take about 10 minutes for it to be preheated. Running hotter than 170 degrees for extended periods can cause burning. Do not turn on motor switch yet!

Step 2: Melt Chocolate

Without turning on the motor – put your chocolate in the bottom chamber.  It will take several minutes for the chocolate to melt to the correct consistency.  Once the chocolate is melted ENTIRELY….

Step 3: Start Fountain

Turn on the motor switch and the product will be fed to the top of the fountain where it will flow down. If the chocolate is not flowing evenly over the tiers, that means the unit is not on a level surface and you might have to adjust the legs on the bottom of the unit to make it level.

Important Operation Tips

1) Make sure the product is always thin, smooth and has no clumps. If needed use the spatula provided to mix any clumps in bowl, DO NOT SCRATCH THE FOUNTAIN WITH METAL UTENSILS.

2) Never run fountain higher than 170 degrees or lower than 150 degrees.

3) Vibration is usually caused by loose bowl or tiers.

4) On humid days, an additional 1/4 cup vegetable oil may help with thick products.

5) Do not overfill fountain or product will harden on edges. Fountain capacity is 10 lbs. and minimum is 5 lbs. Correct amount between 7-8 lbs. You will have to keep an eye on the level of chocolate in the bowl as people serve themselves and keep the minimum level in the bowl to preform correctly.

Safety Tips

1) Close supervision is necessary when the fountain is used near children

2) Never place any object, especially your fingers, inside the cylinder while the fountain is in use. Doing so may cause severe injury or damage the fountain itself.

3) Extreme caution must be used when moving a fountain containing hot liquid. Always move the fountain by lifting the base. If you lift by the bowl it might come off of the base.

4) The fountain must be on a level surface to operate properly.

5) The use of fountain outdoors is not recommended***

Amount of chocolate to serve guest:

4 bags of chocolate will serve approximately 50-70 guests

5 bags of chocolate will serve approximately 100+ guests

Cleaning Instructions:

1) While the machine is still warm and chocolate is melted, turn off the machine and use the spatula provided to scrap off the tiers before it hardens into the bowl. Be careful, the machine is base will be hot.

2) Next, all you have to do is dump out any chocolate leftover in bowl into the trash.

3) Use the bag that the machine came in and set the machine into the bag without the cord and tie it up and place back into the black crate that is provided.

4) Make sure you place the power cord back in the crate and the spatula.

Missing items will be charged to your order.



REQUESTING YOUR RENTAL ITEMS and providing a date you would like those items will allow us to check our inventory and create an order for you. Your order is not guaranteed until we have confirmed your order. Thank you.


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