I liked all the rustic decor.

I met the new owner of SRC at the Grass Valley Wedding Fair and I liked all the rustic decor that he was showcasing. I live out of the area but I was planning on getting married in Nevada City, CA. Fast forward to the wedding, everything was delivered in a timely manner and picked up on schedule too. I liked that they pick up the dirty dishes and wash them for you. They were a little more expensive than other big chain rental companies but I wanted to support a local business. They also let me add and subtract things from my order close to the wedding without it being an issue which was nice. After the wedding, things got mixed up by my people cleaning up and a few items got taken all the way back to the Bay Area. Max was understanding and flexible about that. One thing I’d suggest though is that they put a dollar amount on every item in case it’s lost before it is rented out. I say that because one thing that accidentally got taken back to the Bay was a rustic wood window frame. I asked how much it might be if we weren’t able to return it in a timely manner and they hadn’t given it a loss value so they didn’t know. It would also be nice to be able to browse and (perhaps) reserve their inventory online because they have so much more available than it shows online. I understand that they’re new owners and trying to work out all the details though. Friendly people and good selection of event rentals.

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